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Why you need a registered office:

  • All Companies registered at Companies House must have an official address in the country of their jurisdiction
  • The Registered Office is the official address of the company, and all official communications will be sent to that address.
  • Official communications are those issued by Companies House, HMRC (the UK Tax Authority) and the UK Courts of Law
  • The Registered Office must be a physical address, capable of having documents served on the directors. That is to say, the documents will be received and brought to the attention of the intended recipient, in the event of court proceedings. For this reason, it cannot be a PO Box unless that is part of a complete address i.e. it has a street address and postcode.
  • Companies House splits the UK into 3 jurisdictions; Scotland, Northern Ireland and the joint jurisdiction of England and Wales. A company can have many trading addresses in many jurisdictions but it can only have one Registered Office.
  • A home address can be a registered office. A company using a home address is exempt from the requirement to display its name outside.
  • The address used will be on display at Companies House so that it is publicly available. Many database services such as publish information they extract from Companies House Web Site. So names and addresses quickly become available on the internet. For B2B businesses, this may not be a problem but B2C businesses, rarely want their private addresses publicly available, to avoid unwanted attention.
  • A company can only have one registered office but can have many trading addresses, where it conducts its business. For instance a bank and its branches or a chain of supermarkets.
  • A company must display its name at its registered office. Dormant companies are exempt from this requirement. A location with more than 5 registered offices is able to use alternative display options.
  • The Company must keep its statutory records at the Registered Office. Alternatively the company can nominate a SAIL (Single Alternative Inspection Location). Companies House must have a record of a SAIL.
  • A company must display its Registered Office Address on all its business stationery including invoices, web sites and emails.

Other ways to buy a Registered Office Service:

1. Select it with company formation service

You can buy our Registered Office service when setting up a new limited company or LLP. Companies House will register your company at our address and display it on the public records.

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2. Create an account and import your company

Use this option if you already have a company or LLP, and you have your web authentication code. You will be given a free online portal with which to maintain your company’s records at Companies House. Your portal will have a facility enabling you to import your company details from Companies House. You will need your company’s or LLPs web authentication code to complete the import. Once imported, you can make the change to your Registered Office online. The update at Companies House will take no more than a couple of hours.

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Why choose our address service

  • Prestigious Central London Address

    You will have our address in the business and professional district of Central London, and your company will be in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. You will be able to display this on your official documentation, emails and so on

    Your address will then be

    Your Company Name Limited
    27 Old Gloucester Street
    WC1N 3AX
    United Kingdom

  • Free Officers Service Address

    When you form a company with us you will receive free service addresses for all the officers of your company in the first year. This maintains the privacy of your directors’ and other company officers by ensuring their personal addresses are not displayed on the Companies House website.

  • Free Maintenance of Statutory Records

    Free maintenance of statutory books. Your register of shareholders, directors, and PSCs will be kept in your company portal for you to download whenever you need them

  • Free Scanned Post Service

    Your official Post will be processed free of charge: Post received from Companies House, HMRC and the courts will be scanned and uploaded to our secure Smart Ducument storage system to which you will have password protected access. You will be notified that you have post and will be able to download it using your username and password. So whether you are at home or travelling, you will always have access to your official post

    Please note; Non official post such as letters from banks, suppliers and customers will only be processed if you have subscribed to one of our upgrade services

  • Access Mail From anywhere at any time

    Your mail is stored in our Smart Docustore system and can be accessed 24/7 from wherever you are. There will be no need to search through past emails to find your post.

  • Text and Email Notification ervice

    You will receive a message when you have received post.

  • Lowest Annual Renewal Fee in Central London

    At £39+vat, our annual renewal fee is the lowest of any Central London address provider. when measured in conjunction with our directors service charges which are renewable at £9+vat per year

Registered Office Address Service

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